What is COY?

About Us

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) is an annual event under the banner of YOUNGO – The Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

COY, the largest and longest running youth event to date, takes place right before, and on the sideline of, the annual UN Climate Change Conference, also known as Conference of the Parties (COP). Where COY serves as a space for capacity building and policy training, in order to prepare young people for their participation at COP, empower them, and formally bring their voices to the UNFCCC processes to shape the intergovernmental climate change policies.

What is COY17?

In 2022, Egypt will proudly host the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY17) in Sharm Elsheikh, where thousands of young change-makers, from more than 140 countries, will be gathered with one main goal; Saving Earth.

Conference of Youth (COY)

The 4 major components

Capacity Building

Delegates from 140+ countries will undergo a series of plenary and breakout sessions, with topics on how climate change affects different sectors and industries.

Cultural Exchange

Our social events and networking activities will be designed to be interactive and immersive, to explore the different cultures of our delegates.

Skill-building Workshops

COY17 will provide workshops for delegates such as pitching, fundraising, event management, youth mobilization and public speaking.

Policy Document

The most substantial output for COY17 is coming up with the position paper, or policy document, that will represent the voice of the youth in the UN Climate Negotiations (COP26).