Youth Organizations and Initiatives Application Form

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Youth Organizations & Initiatives Application Form

Call for expression of interest for Organizations, NGOs ,Start ups ,Companies ( Ethically green)  and  Artists and Cultural performances

Dates: 2,3,4 November,2022

Location: Sharm El-sheikh

Deadline: 17/10/2022

About COY17

COY17 aims to engage youth from all over the world in discussions on climate policies and actions and to nurture collaboration between youth individuals and organizations on this pressing issue. One of the primary purposes of COY17 is to magnify youth voices on climate action and channel their demands from policymakers in COP27 and their standpoint on global decisions being undertaken with regard to climate change. The outcome of COY17 is to be presented in COP27 and included in the discussions and beyond. 

With that being said, we invision COY17 as a dialogue channel for youth worldwide, aiming at empowering them to amplify their efforts and find sustainable solutions for the climate issues reflected in their lives. Youth- affiliated organizations and young people will come out with recommendations to be their key messages to the decision makers at COP27. 

Why COY17’s Exhibition Area is Your Ultimate Place to be?

Capitalizing on the opportunity of gathering thousands of young change-makers from more than

140 countries. We aim at having the activities and Exhibition arena as an international space for

exchange of efforts, arts and tools towards mitigation, adaption and awareness raising on

Climate change. 

What we Offer:

We are offering premium exhibition ,Green jobs Fair spaces and an open space for cultural events for artists  to demonstrate there art or music all comes with great exposure and social media coverage in one of the biggest youth events of the year

Please note you are in charge of securing your accommodation and transportation, Please reach out to us and we will try to assist you on this matter.