Abdallah Bassam Alkhawaldeh

My name is Abdallah Al-Khawaldeh; I am a young climate activist and the Chairman Environment Committee at the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association. Additionally, a founder of an Environmental Awareness initiative for schools, universities, and the local communities in Jordan.


I’m planning to use the newly acquired knowledge I will gain from my participation in the COY17 and my background in climate change to become a leader in the development sector regarding climate change, environment, justice and sustainability in order to best serve my community.


I would to talk about why it matters the Climate Action.


We must act quickly to combat climate change and its effects since they are getting worse and the wh ole community isn’t making the full commitment needed to reverse them, The decade from 2010 to 2 019 was the warmest on record, resulting in widespread wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and ot her climatic calamities,Every nation in the world is having its people affected by climate change, National economies are being disrupted, and it is harming people’s lives and livelihoods, particularly t he most vulnerable,More than 39 million people will be affected by shifting weather patterns, increasi ng sea levels, and more extreme weather effecting in 2018.


Can we still solve this issue, or is it too late? In order to combat climate change, we must significantly step up our efforts, Around the world, a lot is occurring; investments in renewable energy have skyrocketed, But there is still a lot to be done, To ensure that we are able to keep the increase in global temperature to well below 2°C, or even 1.5°C, the world must overhaul its energy, industrial, transport, food, agriculture, and forestry systems, The adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 marked a historic turning point for the world as all nations vowed to take action to combat climate change, Numerous companies and investors have also committed to reducing their emissions, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it would help the environment.


“My generation has largely failed until now to preserve both justice in the world and to preserve the planet. It is your generation that must make us be accountable to make sure that we don’t betray the future of humankind.


United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres”


Not just young people are affected by climate change, Additionally, they make significant contributions to the fight against climate change, They are innovators, entrepreneurs, and change agents, Young people are stepping up their efforts and employing their abilities to speed climate action, whether through education, science, or technology.


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