John Kakandelwa

​My name is John Kakandelwa I am the Founder & CEO at Powering Young Initiatives a Not for Profit organization in Zambia, whose goal is to invest in Children/Youth and support their efforts to build a better future for their families and their communities by providing them with tools and knowledge on Climate Change, Youth governance and inclusion, Reproductive Health Education and entrepreneurial skills as well as contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Zambia
Powering Young Initiatives was launched in July 2019 and, whilst we all agree that climate change is an urgent issue, I and my team knew it would take time for the organization to have an impact.

We were therefore surprised and delighted when I received an invitation from the UN Economic and Social Council to attend a 3-day gathering in New York in March and April 2020. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put paid to that event, but we are still pleased with the international notice that the organization is receiving. as a Leader of Powering Young Initiatives I am naturally thrilled to be able to play my part in working with stakeholders at local, national and international level as I strive for the meaningful inclusion of youth in the sustainable, inclusive, safe and prosperous development of our cities and communities with the goal of leaving no one behind in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

I am excited that this year (2022) My organization participated in a number of local and International Programs such as the St Petersburg International Economic Forum Facilitated by the Friends for leadership under the New Generation Program, the 11th Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF11) in Katowice, Poland as Guest Speaker under the Children and Youth Assembly facilitated by UN Habitant, the lessons learnt from the mention Meetings is already benefiting the Youths and Children of which so far we are Hosting Youth Dialogues is aimed at supporting youth-led accountability of duty-bearers. Reaching out to over 500 Participants.

I am Pleased to mention here that I have been Selected to become the Country Contact Point for the Conference of Youth (COY17) in Zambia. COY 17 will take place a week before Conference of Parties 27 (COP27) My goal is to bring the voice of Southern Africa Youth to Egypt at the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth.

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