Climate Change

There are no passengers on spaceship earth , we are all crew “

                                                                     ( Marshall McLuhan)

We all know that climate change is a very important problem that face every country and Government in the world I the 21th century . The climatologists define the climate change as a ( long-term shifts in temperature and weather problem) , So when we talk about the problems or the climate change we should ask ourself a question ( is the climate important to us as a humans ? ) . The answer is ; yes, the climate affects nearly in every aspect of our lives from our food sources to our transport infrastructure,  from what clothes we wear to where we go on holiday . In otherwise the climate and environment are related and important to living organism and humans , because without environment we can’t live or get food or Clothes and this makes the climate play important role in our lives . We’ll it’s worth to mention that climate has a huge effect on our live hoods,  health and our future . The people in 21th century still face some climate problems for example ( toxic waste – global warming -water – air pollution – acid rain – shrinking energy suppliers . On the other hand the famous serve problem that 21th century know is “ the great smog “ of London this event is about lethal smog that covered the city for five days ( December 5 – 9) in 1952 , and this climate problem happened because a combination of industrial  pollution and high-pressure weather conditions . This combination of smoke and fog brought the city to a near stand still and resulted 12,000 people died because anticyclone cause cold air to stagnant over London. The salfar dioxide , carbon dioxide and smoke particles mounted.  Where the England government specially Parliament passed the clean air act of 1956 , which restricted the burning of coal in urban areas and authorized local council to set up smoke-freezones. It’s know that coal was one of sources of heat and light , where the coal used a a fuel to generate electric power. So when the coal burn , I released ‘CO2’ ( carbon dioxide) than oil or gas which makes coal is  harmful to the environment because it’s result to the climate and make air pollution ( climate problem) . While coal first recorded discovered by French explorers on the illionis River in 1679, so there is a lot of problems that harms the climate , so our role is define to care about our environment and try to save it by get rid of what we use by the good way that can’t harm our environment or the climate in general and try to use things that can reduce from the climate problems because we are live in the same earth and we should save earth today to survive tomorrow and that’s not only for us but for us and for the next generation. As the president of France said in COP21 we have a single mission to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation “ .

Written By: Sama Osama Mohssen


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