Let’s Re Kindle Our Efforts In Tackling Climate Change

The earth seems to be pleading for mercy for its survival from the activities human beings, while the vice versa is the fact. if one looks at how merciless and brutal, we all have become at every corner of the globe in tearing apart and scattering the very cohersion of materials mother nature had put together for our own good, one will realize that we are heading towards a more complicated definition of a set of life altogether.   The impact of global warming because of greenhouse emissions, industrialization, food production through agricultural activities etc. have seen the areas that have been preserved for a long time by mother nature being at risk of disintegration. For example, the Antarctica and the Greenland that has to date lost up to 2.7trillion tons of ice, said Robert Larter. This has caused a massive rise of water levels in seas and oceans, posing a significant threat of our existence on the planet earth.  It is recorded that the Amazon rain forest lost 1.9million of hectares in 2021 alone, ranching, agriculture and road constructions being the drivers of deforestation said Maxwell Radwin. The question that we all need to ask ourselves is, why have we opted to be shooting ourselves on our feet and blaming the shooting on poverty, wealth creation and technological advancement? Is there no better option of doing these activities while taking care of the mother nature? The COP27 summit brings together all climate change conscious minded youths, to brainstorm and strike a balance on this seemingly time ticking bomb which soon if not detonated will put the earth inhabitable. How do we advocate for a call to a quick action by our current government leaders? Much as there have been some strides made by our governments through commitment to the good cause, we need to rekindle our efforts and accelerate the actions of preserving the mother nature. We need to walk the talk in tackling the issues of climate change.  Time is not on our side, and we need to swiftly act and act RIGHT NOW.

Written By: Never Phiri

Country:   Malawi


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