Young Climate activism in the climate and ecological crisis era, but the good part

Being a young climate activist is not an easy role in society, but surely it can be inspiring and heart-touching. It can give light to a complex world.

Love and fury as we say, knowing that we are in this fight for Climate Justice and Human Rights together, as a family, as a tribe. Thanks to everyone involved, we can carry forward, leaving the feeling of solitude and easing the anxiety generated by climate change (a.k.a Eco-anxiety) and every other difficulty we find in a postmodern society. We know we can count on each other, always.

Talking with our fellow friends from Fridays for Future we agree that participating in a youth climate movement gives us a space to be ourselves with a group of amazing people who understand what we are going through and support you.

National, regional, and global conferences can connect you with the youth from other territories to start thinking and feeling globally and acting locally, participating in the global strikes hand by hand in our cities helps us let out all the frustration making the calling for Climate Action an act of transmutation. While talking to people of your territory, identifying problems, and working for solutions that contribute to change can be most satisfying.

It also teaches us empathy. Everyone is different, but together we are safer; we can learn, grow, and feel safe. It also makes you think how important it is to listen to people of all ages and that all problems are intersectional, everything is connected. We need a holistic perspective of life, humility, and an ever-expanding heart. Together we create a regenerative culture. Together we can make things different. Together make the world a better loving place to exist.

It can sometimes be dooming, though, as reaching 1,5°C by 2050 could seem almost impossible sometimes. But together, we boost our actions, connect, and accelerate change, and remember, every 0,1°C that we reduce saves millions of lives from the impacts of climate change, and that is worth never stop fighting.

Thinking for other generations to come is the most significant act of empathy. It’s an act of true love for humanity, and with that in mind doing your day-to-day work as an activist feels great because it gives purpose; it makes you think of yourself as a modern hero.


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